How SAS aids data science?

How SAS aids data science?

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a commercial closed-source integrated system of software products designed for advanced analytics and complicated statistical processes required in Business Intelligence. SAS is known for its high reliability and is preferred by big organizations and experts for their data science projects.

How SAS aids data science?

Here are some key points about SAS:

– SAS is a commercial tool offered by SAS Institute Inc., California (USA).
– SAS provides a wide range of statistical capabilities for sophisticated modeling.
– SAS has its own programming language that is similar to SQL (but not identical) and uses a graphical user interface (GUI).
– SAS can process large amounts of data, with the ability to handle millions of rows and thousands of columns.
– SAS has comprehensive date and time handling functions, as well as functions for character and number manipulation.
– SAS can interact with databases and operating systems, and can provide output in various formats such as CSV, PDF, and XML.
– SAS is used in various industries including Business Intelligence, IT management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Customer Relationship Management.
– SAS is not commonly used by beginners or independent data science enthusiasts due to its commercial nature and cost.
– However, independent and academic learners as well as tutors can explore SAS Studio in the cloud for free.

SAS syntax and programming:
– SAS syntax is different from Python or R and has its own set of rules and keywords.
– SAS statements are similar to sentences and end with a semicolon.
– SAS statements begin with keywords such as proc, data, label, options, format, etc.
– Statements are organized into paragraph-like chunks and can span multiple lines.
– SAS has data steps and procedures for data manipulation and analysis.
– In the data step, SAS statements are used to read, clean, and manipulate data.
– In the proc step, SAS statements are used to perform analysis on the data.

SAS certification:
– SAS offers certification programs for those interested in pursuing a career in data science with SAS.
– Beginners can start with the basic programming course offered by SAS on their website.

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